Decorative Wedding Draping

We've all read the articles about "transforming an ugly venue."  But being in the tent business, we've also come across couples who want to make the inside of their (ahem...already gorgeous!) tent look like some amazing chic new venue!  

One of the first things we recommend, both for transformation and for drama, is decorative draping!  Ceilings and walls can take on a whole new look with yards of wispy fabric, lights or burlap strung from the frame.  Beautiful, rustic barn weddings can also be turned into elegant affairs with some simple draping from rafter to rafter!

We've compiled a bunch of images to look over for inspiration for your next big event.  Is there one look that stands out over all the rest?

When considering who to choose for your wedding rentals in the Berkshires, remember that Classical Tents is always up on the latest trends and works with a huge network of wedding professionals who can provide this draping--or anything else--that you're looking for!  Just be sure to ask us who we recommend!

Happy planning!