Wedding Trend--Luxe Lodge

Winter in the Berkshires.  We love it.  We hate it.  But whether we're ready or not, it's just around the corner!  Lucky for us, that also means we're bound to see some beautiful winter weddings over the next few months!  And I'll bet that at least one of those weddings will be designed according to one of the latest trends--Luxe Lodge!  Now the summer version of this is called "Glamping," but for the sake of this blog post--and our upcoming cold weather months--we're going to tell you how to achieve this look!  (And by the way, this isn't just for wedding decor, but also a wonderful way to transition your home for the season!)

We had a feeling this Luxe Lodge look would pop up in wedding design at some point, as wedding design trends typically follow interior design trends!  Surely you must have noticed how "cool" it is to have "faux" lodge look in your home now...complete with plaster antlers on your walls!  More and more couples are opting for the cozy, fireplace-meets-fur-blanket-meets-birch-bark-meets-faux bear rug look.  And it really doesn't matter if they're getting married in the summer or winter....the lodge look is in!  

Perhaps it all began when Matthew McConaughey tied the knot amidst hordes of hammocks and campers, but who knows?  It actually does have an intimate feel to it, and can be tailored to suit whichever lodge your prefer (ski lodge, rustic camp, spa lodge, etc.).  

Take a look at some of the images we've compiled.  You'll see that going "lodge" doesn't necessarily mean baked beans and marshmallows on a stick!  Think crystal chandeliers hanging from tree limbs, or teepees all lit up for a party...

What are your thoughts?  Would you incorporate this look for your next event?