A Little Trivia About Structure Tents


  • Structures do not have any center poles. This is a particular advantage for Classical Tents because we are the only ones in the area with 40' wide frame/structure type tents.
  • Structure tents have tensioned side panels. The sidewall panels slide into channels in the frame and tension down to prevent them from flapping in the wind.  This also provides for less heat loss in early and late season rentals, and also gives a clean, wrinkle-free, solid look to the tent.
  • Structure tents have tensioned roof panels. The tensioning eliminates any flapping from wind and eliminates the possibility of water pockets in severe rainy conditions.
  • Structure tents do not have ropes. The lack of ropes reduces any trip hazards and also provides for a clean look.
  • Structure tents can be installed with weights for anchoring (instead of stakes). If stakes cannot be used at your site, we can use weights to provide anchoring.  This is achieved with a 30 gallon white barrel filled with concrete.  The barrel is about 18" in diameter and 32" high.
  • Structure tents provide the most protection from the weather. Because of the tensioned walls, roof panels, engineering to meet 70 MPH wind loads and stronger materials used in manufacturing, structure tents offer the most protection one can get while still being in a tent.

Structure tents are made from superior materials. The materials, such as coated vinyl fabric (instead of laminated fabric) and extruded aluminum beams (instead of simple aluminum tubing) provide a more secure and better looking tent.  The superior materials also are more resistant to the effects of wear and tear, thereby ensuring a quality tent.