Advantages of our Clearspan Structure Tents

Last week we talked a little about our structure tents, so we thought we'd continue with a little more about our Clearspan tents! :)

  • Unlike most manufacturers, our Clearspan structures are made with coated vinyl fabric.  Coated fabric is far superior to laminated fabrics, in that it is more resistant to abrasion, stains, rot, mildew, cold cracks and generally has a longer life.
  • Tensioned roof panels give the tent a solid look as well as eliminating roof panel flapping and bagging due to winds and rain.  The tensioning system also holds the roof panels tight against the frame to reduce heat loss as well as keeping rain and wind out.  This also aids tremendously wen using air conditioning or heating units.
  • Tensioned sidewalls eliminate the need for staking or tying the sidewall down to keep it from flapping in the wind.  The sidewall is also made to slide open or closed as needed.  This makes closing the tent or opening the tent extremely easy and fast.
  • Design characteristics allow the frame to remain standing while the fabric roof and sides are removed for winter storage/washing.  This also dramatically reduces installation/takedown costs after the initial installation.  It also reduces unnecessary wear and tear as a result of setting-up and taking down.
  • Engineering data is available on all our Clearspan tents to show compliance with building code requirements for wind loads and fire resistance.
  • Accessories are available and include integrated flooring system, liners, doors, hard sides, window and clear walls.  Also available are tents of different shapes such as hexagon, octagon, dodecagon, peaked roof panels, gable and hip ends and much more.
  • Our Clearspan tents are designed to be trouble free and long lasting, as well as being extremely resistant to the forces of nature.
  • No ropes are required, as the anchoring is achieved by driving stakes through base plates located at each leg.  Other means of anchoring, such as weighting or bolting, are possible when staking is not an option.
  • Clearspan structure tents are modular in length and their length can be increased or decreased at any time without dismantling the entire tent!
  • Clearspan tents do not have any center poles or internal columns. They provide clear, unobstructed space and range in width from 10 feet to 132 feet in width!

Clearspan tents offer the maximum amount of protection one can get while still being in a tent.  Their fast installation, removal, mobility and superior weather protection qualities make them a superb alternative to traditional tents and temporary buildings.