Congratulations, Class of 2011!

Over the last couple of weekends, as graduations have been held around Berkshire County, you may have noticed the crisp, white tents in the backyards of many residents.  Underneath those tents, many embellished with balloons in school colors, emotions run the gamut from a graduate's joy and anticipation, to the bittersweetness felt by most parents.  There are many similarities as you travel from party to party...hugs, tears, smiles, goodbyes, flashing cameras...but each family is about to embark on a unique journey with their now-grown child.

Our older daughter, an accomplished artist, recently graduated from Lee High School and is heading off to college in a couple of short months, where she will undoubtedly encounter a whole new world.  As we began to plan her party in our own backyard, we tried to consider her uniqueness, and decided to set up a small frame tent as a make-shift art gallery.  When the guests started to arrive, they were greeted by hundreds of pieces of art, beginning with some she had done in pre-school and ending with some magnificent renderings from her more recent years.  I'm excited to see how her art continues to evolve as she embarks on this new journey!

So to our daughter, and to the hundreds of other graduates around our region, we say congratulations and best wishes!