Lenox Wedding Tour, Venue Tour

Our big event was actually nine smaller events all wrapped up in the "Tour umbrella."  The first full day of the Tour, the event planners all headed to Shakespeare & Company bright and early to get on the road to tour the wedding venues.  Several sites were toured that day, including The MountVentfort HallEastoverThe Lenox ClubWinthrop EstatesStonover Farm (am I forgetting someone?) in hopes of showing these wedding planners the many beautiful places in Lenox to hold a wedding (and this was just a sampling...aren't we lucky??).  Transportation was very generously provided by Abbott's Limousine, with boxed lunches provided by The Marketplace Kitchen.  Lisa Light and Ralph Petillo were our tour guides, with photographer John Dolanin tow to capture the whole day on film (or is it pixels now...haha).