Wedding Trends, 2011

Since the summer wedding season is upon us, I thought it would be fun to share some of the latest trends that we’ve been spotting:

  • “Look-At-Me-Now!” Color Schemes—Instead of going with the classic, soft wedding colors, more brides are opting for a little more “wow!” with bright, vivid colors setting the backdrop for their nuptials.  (Think hot pink or turquoise paired with a bold orange.)  Especially hot right now: Centerpieces in one bold color.
  • Uncommon Themes—Go for the personal touch by opting out of the traditional wedding motifs and choosing a theme based on your favorite place to go as a couple, or perhaps even a “journey through your love timeline!”  I’ve even seen a wedding cake by Holly Evans that spun a visual tale of two cities! (No, really…it depicts where the bride and groom grew up!)
  • Amazing Invitations—While traditional wedding invitations still rule, the newer, and brightly colored letterpress designs (think die-cut, too!) totally ROCK!  Keeping with the “make-it-personal” theme, couples are opting to bring some personality into their invites and save-the-dates, working with designers like Rebecca Ashby at The Pink Orange for some stationery inspiration!
  • “Green” Favors—Okay, I think we’ve all had our fill of candles, soaps and every edible “mint-to-be-together”…why not choose something a little bit more eco-friendly?  Couples are increasingly giving herb pots or seeds or tiny trees as take-home gifts (and my personal fave?  A donation to the couple’s favorite charity in the names of all their guests!).  I mean, how many tiny silver frames can we fit in our junk drawers anyway?!
  • Living Room to Go! —Gone are the days of ceremony pew-to-dinner table-to-dance floor…  Lounge furniture is all the rage now (think Miami night club)…make your guests as comfortable as possible and keep the drinks coming!  Classical Tents has a full line of beautiful lounge furniture in stock for your entire wedding rental needs!

‘Til next time…