2014 Wedding Trends

Yes, that's right...we said wedding trends for 2014!  Some of these trends are happening now, but it looks like they're really big for next year!  Here's our list:

  • Social Media--Yes, it's everywhere, and weddings are no exception!  Couples are creating their own hashtags so people can engage all night long!  And since photo booths are still big, and many of them have instant social networking capabilities, it doesn't look like this trend is going away anytime soon!
  • Jazz--to me, this seems totally natural, since the Roaring 20's have been making a big comeback.  Think Great Gatsby?  Art deco?  Right...now you get it!
  • Longer Receptions--Though the After Party was a big deal last year, it's pretty exhausting for a couple who's been awake since the wee hours of their wedding day.  What's making more sense is to extend the reception a couple of hours longer. Not quite as expensive as an all-out party, but similar in that your true, die-hard fans (er...friends) will be the ones who are left to enjoy every last drip of fun.  Incorporating food trucks at this point are a great idea...nothing says "college days" like a grilled cheese truck parked outside after a long day of drinking!
  • Reception Lounges--Lounge seating is nothing new to the wedding industry...it's been around for the last couple of years.  But incorporating a whole lounge tucked away from the busy dance floor allows guests to enjoy each other's company while sipping delicious libations and picking at your roving hors d'oeuvres.
  • Wandering Entertainment--With the hours getting longer at weddings and this emerging trend where it's "all about the guests" and not "all about the bride", it's important to keep these guests entertained.  Enter the roving musicians...not just a mariachi band...lots of entertainers are wandering the floors now.  And remember Cirque du Soleil?  Yeah, people are bringing in aerialists (and magicians!), too!

What trends are you incorporating into your big day?  Did you ever imagine couples would be putting on an all-out show?!