Chair Covers and Other Decorations

As if you didn't already have enough decisions to make regarding your wedding and event decor, we thought we'd throw one more at you!  Chair decor!  Many people figure all they have to do is decide between garden chairs, ghost chairs, Chivari ballroom chairs, folding chairs, benches and so on.  And depending on the style of your wedding, sometimes that decision alone is enough.  But many brides opt to go one step further, and choose chair covers that coordinate with their wedding colors.  So did you know that there are many other options besides just chair covers?  You can order chair pads for a little splash of color.  Or hang ribbons, flowers or funky signs from the backs...really, the sky's the limit when it comes to adding that extra little layer of pizzazz!   At Classical Tents, we have many styles of chairs to choose from, and are more than happy to share our ideas for a unique way to add some personality to them.  Be sure to set up your showroom visit today!