At Classical Tents, we believe strongly in continuing to educate our staff about the newest rental products, installation and safety techniques.  Each year we attend the annual Mid Atlantic Tent Renters Association (or MATRA, for short) conference, where we learn about these things and so much more.  MATRA was started back in 1987 as a result of a few rental companies and area vendors that desired to build a stronger relationship in the tenting industry while helping to educate rental owners about safety and new products. Since then, MATRA has continued to present area trade shows and educational conferences where the knowledge of tenting is in the forefront.


This year, the conference was held November 5th-8th at Foxwood Hotel and Casino in Connecticut.  It began with a full day of educational seminars, including several tent installations, with a welcome reception following.  Day Two incorporates some additional (and much more challenging!) tent installations, and then it's on to the MATRA games, where our own Tom Quinn took 1st place in the 1-man Stake Driving competition and 3rd place overall!

Classical Tents' co-owner, Ben Naylor, who serves on the board of MATRA, brought back reports of the new marquis and sidewalls and a renewed sense of pride in the small, tight-knit "tents" community.


When you're beginning your search for the right rentals to suit your outdoor event, remember that we are always learning the latest techniques, always updating our inventory and are sure to give you exactly what you're looking for--and more!