Classical Tents Supports Local Efforts

At Classical Tents, we understand what it's like to own a small business...with its ups and downs and growing pains, it can sometimes feel like a roller coaster ride!  After 27 years, we're past the point of having to "prove" ourselves, but have vowed to always remember the early years and how much the support of other local businesses meant to us in the beginning.


Now it's our turn to do the same!


We LOVE to support local businesses, whether it's donating our rental products to a good cause (most recently at BIFFMA), volunteering at community events, serving on local boards or helping to spread the word about a new product or service (check out the new How We Roll food truck!)...and we have SO much fun in the meantime!  Hardly a day goes by when Kat doesn't frequent some local establishment (and she loves to get to know the stories behind the endeavor, so be prepared to tell her your background!)...some days you'll find her at Shots Cafe or Patisserie in Lenox, which might also involve a "swing by" the Purple Plume.  Or if there's a fun event going on, you can often find her volunteering at one of the booths--most recently at the Chesterwood car show, the Lenox Motorcar Classic, the Rhubarb Festival, and so on...


And sometimes, at the end of the day, you just need a beer.  How about Big Elm?  It's one of our local breweries, and we sure do love to tell people about them!  In fact, if you stop by our showroom, you're likely to find some Big Elm bottles sitting atop our new rustic bar and all-wood farm tables.  The staff says it's just there to complete the look, but I'm not so sure... ;)


Do you shop local?  We'd love to hear about your favorite hot-spots in the Berkshires!