Classical Tents--Trendspotter

As a rental company specializing in tent and goods rentals for weddings and big events, part of our job is to keep an eye on emerging trends.  This, by the way, also happens to be one of our favorite parts of the job!  When "rustic chic" was becoming a movement, we were among the first to provide you with farm-top tables and benchesburlap runners, grapevine balls for lighting, and so on.  And if you recently heard that food trucks and chevronpatterns were all the rage, you can surely bet that we've already covered it here (and probably added most of the trends to our rental inventory!).


At Classical Tents, we truly pride ourselves on our ability to spot the latest trends and act quickly to source out the items that you're going to want for your next event.  How do we do it?  Well, for one thing, we have a staff that lives, eats and breathes "all-things-wedding" and as far as trends go, many of them keep cycling back around.  But one of our favorite ways to stay on top of the trends is to follow several of the top wedding blogs.  In fact, there's actually a website that lists the top 100 wedding blogs, and many of our faves are on there.  In addition to your tried-and-true Martha Stewart Weddings or Style Me Prettysites, you'll find blogs like Junebug Weddings and Green Wedding Shoes...and even a couple called Br0ke-Ass Bride and Bitchless Bride! :)


And it's always exciting to watch the success of our favorite online wedding sources...just telling us that we're keeping an eye on the right crowd.  Take Sweet Violet Bride, for example.  This blog, showcasing nature-inspired brides, recently announced that they're launching a new wedding magazine, in addition to the online presence!  And we're just tickled pink to see the beautiful, glossy pages that stem from this establishment!


So if you ever find yourself questioning if you should go with the fake mustaches or metallic, embossed wedding cakes, you can rest assured that if you hop on over to our blog, you're quite likely to find your answer.  And if it isn't on our pages, don't hesitate to pick up the phone or shoot us an email!  We can tell you what you need to know!


Happy planning!