Come See Our New Showroom!

So I'm sure you've heard "while the cat is away the mice will play...?"  Well, this is exactly what happened to our showroom while co-owner Kat was away on vacation!  It had long been understood that Kat was planning to redo the showroom space "one day," but as is usually the case with small business owners, there was always just too much, well, business to handle first!  In the weeks leading up to Kat and Ben's vacation, Michele decided that she would take on this daunting (but fun!) task, along with the help of Trevor, as a surprise for them upon their return.  They worked tirelessly, switching the current office space with the old showroom space, reconnecting all the networks, painting walls, installing bead board, painting more walls, installing glass shelves, did I mention painting walls...?  And the result?  A beautiful, fresh, more inviting space.  More room to show our wares and a more streamlined approach to our office area as a whole.  Kat was shocked and thrilled!  Well done, guys!  Be sure to stop by to take a look soon!