Crossback Chairs

If you're at all familiar with Classical Tents' work, you already know that we are constantly updating our inventory.  Not only do we upgrade and maintain our existing pieces (and filter out the stuff that just isn't working anymore), but we are always staying on top of the trends and "dotting our i's" with what's hot (or haute?).  Right now we're anxiously awaiting a new line of flatware, some new glassware and some gorgeous (and customer requested) crossback chairs!


If you're thinking about having a rustic chic wedding or just love the look of simple, elegant "country", then these may be just what you're looking for.  We already have our rustic farm house benches for that truly rustic appeal, our Chivari ballroom chairs (when paired with our farm top tables, it raises the elegance level of rustic chic), and now these will be something perfectly in between.