Five {Strange} Things You Should Ask Your Wedding Planner

I read an interesting article this week in Huffington Post Weddings that gave some really good suggestions for some of the "stranger" things a prospective bride should ask her wedding planner.  Of course, we all know to ask "How do you charge?" or "How many weddings do you take on in a year...or a weekend?"  Or "Do you work with an assistant? Will you be covering my rehearsal dinner as well?" and so on.


But here are some suggestions for questions to have answered in order to prevent a catastrophe:

  • "Is this your full-time job?"  Yeah, I know, this may seem ridiculous, but you'd be surprised how many people call themselves wedding planners after having planned only their own wedding!  Trust me...there is just too many details to manage to trust your big day to someone who may consider this a hobby!
  • "Do you take commission from vendors?"  This used to be common practice, but be forewarned...if what you're really after is a custom, personalized wedding, you don't want to work with a planner who accepts commissions from vendors.  Think about it...if they know that one florist is going to pay them 10% of your order, why would they look for the florist who does really unique arrangements?  This day needs to be all about you, not how much extra money your planner can make!
  • "Where do you get your inspiration?"  A good planner will say they get inspired by architecture, travel, the produce section at a really cool grocery store, the couple itself...  An everyday, ordinary planner will say Pinterest (not that I'm knocking Pinterest!), bridal magazines, and so on.  If you want a unique wedding that speaks volumes about your personality, you want to hire a planner that looks beyond the wedding industry for inspiration.
  • "How comfortable are you running interference?"  Let's face it.  Almost every family has it's - er - quirks.  Divorced, remarried (or not) parents, long-lost uncles that HAD to show up, and so on.  You need to find a planner that is good with all types of personalities and will make sure that you're not involved in any drama that may be going on.  Better yet, find one that can stop the drama before it starts!
  • "Do you have a back-up, back-up plan?"  So we all know (I hope) that if you're planning a summer outdoor wedding, you should either 1) have a back-up church (rain scenario??), or 2) have a "rain-scenario" tent (this is our personal fave!).  But let's say something Hurricane Sandy for example?!  I know of a wedding planner whose bride's venue was completely flooded, and there was no way around that!  Thankfully, the bride took it all in stride and the planner extraordinaire was able to pull off an even more amazing wedding in THREE DAYS at another "less-flooded" venue.  You need a planner who can handle ANYTHING!

Well, hope this information is helpful.  And by the way...Classical Tents works with many local planners (and we know a thing or two about weddings ourselves!)...if you have any other strange questions, always feel free to ask!