Halloween Party Rentals

Every year, I'm amazed at how excited people get over Halloween!  Don't get me wrong, it's a super fun holiday, but when September rolls around and there are already orange lights and goblins strewn around people's yards, I think, "Really?!"


Well, I have to admit that I, myself, have caught a bit of the Halloween bug this year (thanks to Pinterest, I suppose?) and have started dreaming up ways to throw a fabulous Halloween party!  And really, everything I need I can get from Classical Tents...we have tables, linens in every color and texture, dishes, platters, cake stands and more.  Martini glasses and wine glasses can be adorned with bloody goop, and our japanese paper lanterns can be strung throughout the room or just over a dessert buffet (eyeball cookies, anyone?).


Take a look at some of the ghoulish images we found, below, and get inspired to throw your own little bash!  Plus, stay tuned for images about Halloween-themed weddings (yes, that's what I said!)...