I Spy With My Little Eye

Years ago, people thought of tents in mostly a practical sort of way. No, I'm not talking about camping tents. (although "shelter" is the basic premise in this way of thinking)   We used to get all sorts of phone calls from parents hosting graduation parties, or friends hosting showers, whose main concern was having a tent that would keep guests from getting wet, should rain come their way.

These days, however, tents are chosen just as carefully as, say, the wedding dress. It's one more (big!) design element, adding another touch of personality to the event. Some people want their tent to make a grand statement--and with our gorgeous sail cloth tents, a statement is certainly what they get!

Other people want their wedding, vows, or venue to take center stage.  They prefer a tent that--while still elegant--blends in with its surroundings.  And that was the case with the event seen here at the Mount.

So give us a call, no matter what your take on tents.  We'll help you choose the perfect one, according to your tastes and event design.  At Classical Tents, we've "got you covered!" :)