Industrial Chic Weddings

When it comes to wedding design, we often mention the ubiquitous "rustic chic" or "vintage" look that we keep seeing, especially throughout New England.  But a new trend is coming along (not to replace "rustic chic", mind you, but with an alternative "chic" appeal...), called "Industrial Chic."  At first glance, the untrained eye might think, "It all looks the same to me," but when you're in "the biz" you know that Industrial Chic incorporates more "found" industrial objects (think old mill/factory salvage pieces, metal stools, etc.) and metal elements.


Industrial Chic is really a nice blend of warm and cold, if you will.  It's taking some gorgeous florals and placing them in paint buckets, or showcasing a bar (or tables) made primarily from salvaged wood with a galvanized top.

We recently posted that we've added several new all-wood tables to our inventory, and now we're adding some industrial elements as well, such as our new metal-topped bars.  We're currently working on a plan to unveil these new pieces, so be on the lookout for a "grand opening" of sorts, likely in an unusual location...(you know, we just can't do anything boring and ordinary)!


Take a look at these images, and let us know what you think.  Are you more "rustic chic" or "industrial chic" and how will you incorporate these design styles into your next event?