Mod Flatware

One of the things that sets Classical Tents apart from the "other" guys is that we educate ourselves as much as we possibly can when choosing which items we want to add to our inventory.  Not only do we stay on top of the wedding industry trends, but we also make sure we are experts in "all things rental."  Naturally, we attend the annual tent renters' conventions, the international fabric shows and take company "field trips" to other rental businesses to compare notes.  But did you know that we also study up on the little things?


Take our new flatware line, for example...  For 2013, we've added a beautiful, modern new stainless line from Oneida, and we're certain it's going to be a big hit!  But in preparation for ordering our new utensils, we studied HOW flatware is made (there are multiple processes...drop-forged, forged, die-cut or stamped), WHO has the best reputation (Oneida is possibly the most widely-recognized and is consistently ranked the highest), WHICH alloy or metal best serves our clients (there's stainless, nickel-plate, sterling silver, gold-plate and pewter) and so on.


And for this particular selection, we even called in experts in the finest dining--our friends at Wheatleigh--who helped us learn about design, form, the weight of the forks and so much more!  So when we say that we are thrilled to add this beautiful new line of stainless flatware to our selection, we mean it from our core.  We believe we have chosen the very best, and look forward to lending it to you for your next amazing event!