Wedding Tip #1



There are so many little details to planning a wedding (and don't forget the rehearsal dinner, welcome dinner, day-after brunch, honeymoon...the list goes on and on!), that it's easy to watch things spin quickly out of control.


The VERY FIRST THING that you, as a newly engaged couple, should do (and yes, I said "couple"...grooms are more involved in the process than ever before) is decide which parts are the most important to you.  Is it the photography?  The dress?  The flowers?  The cake?


Whatever you decide matters most is what will likely require the most time (details, people!) and almost certainly the most money.  If it's really important to you, don't settle.  Spend your money here and cut costs elsewhere...believe me, there are plenty of ways to spend less on each and every aspect of your big day!