Wedding Tip #10


Let's face it...weddings are expensive.  Even if you're one of the MANY DIY brides out there, there is still no gettin' around that someone is gonna have to shell out some big bucks!

I hate to say "what's one more expense?" but TRUST ME!  During the week of your wedding, you should be able to relax with your guests, welcome friends and family coming from out-of-town and enjoy the ONLY time in your life where YOU have chosen everyone you want gathered around you!  This is why we emphatically say HIRE A DAY-OF COORDINATOR.  A Day-Of Coordinator is just like a wedding planner, except he/she will not have been involved in the entire process.  Most Coordinators have different tiers, or levels, of service, too, which will help them blend seamlessly into your budget.

Here's an example:

  • Day-Of Coordination ONLY - the coordinator will show up the morning of your wedding and begin helping/supervising the people setting up your reception hall, will help you run around and find all the last-minute things that have been temporarily misplaced, will gather the bridal party for pics, will ensure that your timeline is being adhered to (no one wants cake before dinner, right??  Well, maybe...) and so on.
  • Rehearsal Dinner/Day-Of - gets all of the above, but will also come the night before to the ceremony venue and make sure preparations are underway as much as possible the evening before.
  • All-Inclusive Coordination - all of the above, plus coordinator will help you establish a timeline, will make week-of contact with all your vendors for confirmations, will make sure your guests are arriving and getting comfortable and so on.

No matter how prepared you are on your wedding day, situations WILL arise!  How you handle them (or don't handle them) just adds to the memories.  Your Day-Of Coordinator is there to handle the little mishaps and keep things running smoothly.  It's your day, right?  You should enjoy it!

Happy planning!