Wedding Tip #3



So now that you've determined what your budget is and established what your priorities are, it's time to choose when (and where) you tie the knot!  If keeping your costs down is a concern, there are two key things to remember here...the most popular wedding months are June through October (currently, we're finding September has been our busiest wedding month), so chances are if you choose one of those months to get hitched, you're going to pay a little bit more.  Here in the Berkshires, we have so many amazing venues that are GORGEOUS in the winter, you may want to consider a winter wedding.


As far as days go, Saturday afternoon is obviously the top choice of most brides.  But have you considered getting married on a Friday evening?  You might be surprised just how much less your venue will charge to host your wedding on an "off" day (I mean, seriously, they can either have NO event on a Friday evening, or they can have TWO events in one, right?)!


And lastly, think about how long you'd like your engagement to be.  If you're the type of couple who can multi-task and get everything done (sans stress!) in no time flat, then you'd naturally have the option to get married sooner than later.  But if you want to take some time, carefully consider all your options and give your (traveling) guests ample time to make their arrangements, then you'll want to choose a date that's about a year or so out.  And stick to a wedding planning timeline.  You can find them all over the internet, and although no planning calendar is set in stone, they're very handy to keep around and use as a general guideline!


Tune in tomorrow for Tip #4...and in the meantime, happy planning!