Wedding Tip #4



Next to deciding on your budgetpriorities and date/venue, this may just be the most important step (have I said that in every blog post in this series??  I guess they're all important!).  You wouldn't go on a road trip to California without first mapping out your route, right?  So how will you end up with the wedding of your dreams if you don't visually map out your plans?!


It used to be that a bride would come in to our showroom with a big three-ringed binder filled with pages of photos from magazines, fabric swatches from her bridesmaids' dresses, and a big 12-month planner tucked in her purse (wedding tote, really...the only other time you'll have a bag this big is when you're lugging around diapers, wipes and bottles of formula!).  But these days, with everything available online and in the palms of our hands, getting organized has become much more streamlined!


Brides are now setting up Pinterest accounts and loading them with boards called "My Dream Wedding" or "My Dad's Gonna Kill Me When He Sees How Much This is Gonna Cost Him!" (no, really...I've seen that one).  In fact, many wedding planners and industry professionals won't even meet with a prospective bride until she has set up her Pinterest account.  It just takes so much of the guesswork out of aligning ourselves with the bride's vision.


And besides Pinterest, the are loads of wedding planning apps out there, no matter which smartphone you use.  USA Today did an article last May highlighting six of the top ones, according to ease of use, price and user reviews.  If you're interested in that list, click here.  These apps are chock-full of wedding planning goodness--from to-do lists and timelines, to budgeting assistants and guest list trackers.  Imagine more wedding totes to lug around.  All the information you need is literally right at your fingertips!  (I would highly recommend syncing your phone at least once a week, though! God forbid you drop your phone in the toilet or something and lose all that precious data!)


But of course, if you're still the kind of girl who prefers to put pen to paper, we recommend the brand new, all-in-one wedding planning organizer by Mindy Weiss, one of the top celebrity wedding and event planners in the industry!


So what are you waiting for??  Let's get organized!