Wedding Tip #5



This is a toughie!  Before you even begin to take on this daunting task, you and your significant other need to sit down to discuss if you prefer a big, extravagant wedding or a smaller, intimate wedding.  Then you need to take a good hard look at your budget.  Guest lists are always such a pain because there's really no formula here, and there's a LOT of room for hurt feelings!


Here are some things to consider:


If your parents are footing the bill, then they need to be able to give their input, too...which may mean that your great, great Aunt Matilda (who of course, changed your diapers and you peed all over her new, plastic-covered damask settee...) makes the cut.  It may also mean that some of your parents' co-workers, whom you've never met, are also allowed to come to a great party!


If you have a large bridal party, you need to determine if you'll allow the single ones to bring a date.  And actually, that goes for any single people you want to invite to your wedding.  Married friends, of course, always get to bring their spouses (so wouldn't it be great if you just have both of them in your bridal party to begin with??)


Will you allow children?


And I know this goes without saying, but the more people you invited, the greater your tab at the end of the evening!!  So how do you limit your guest list before it gets WAY out of control??  Well, I really don't have anything to offer you here...each situation is different.  Just do the best you can, and if need be, explain to all (decision-makers) involved that it's nothing personal and that it's YOUR day.


Remember those apps I told you about yesterday?  Some of them have tools to manage your guest list, so you may want to really think about installing one of those.  And just wait until you have to figure out the seating chart...ugh...forget about it! :)