Wedding Tip #9



Your wedding day, though likely the best day of your life and one that will seemingly fly by, is actually a very long day.  Plan ahead to make it a day free from blisters and wire pokes, too!


Naturally, the first thing most girls think about when they get engaged is finding the perfect dress.  Then, it's usually all about the shoes!  Jimmy Choo? Manolo Blahnik? Christian Laboutin?  Well, don't forget to break those bad boys in!  Depending on how much time you have before your wedding, try to wear your fabulous new shoes 20-30 minutes EACH DAY!  This way it will help them form to the shape of your feet.  And don't forget to scuff up the bottoms so you don't slip while making your grand entrance(s)!  This can easily be done without getting them dirty.


As far as undergarments go, this is one area where you don't want to skimp.  No sense looking all gorgeous if you're constantly fidgeting and readjusting yourself.  If it's in your budget, you may even consider splurging on a custom bustier!


And let's just assume for a moment that you heed none of this advice....??  At the very least, bring an emergency kit with band-aids, aspirin, safety pins, tapes, and so on.  There is nothing worse than having the time of your life with a blister the size to match!  Happy planning!