Wedding Tips #6 & #7



Today we'll post just a brief message about the stationery you'll need to purchase early-on in your engagement.  As soon as you've chosen your date and determined your guest list, it's time to start thinking about your wedding design so that you can choose coordinating invitations.


Many brides are now opting to send Save-the-Dates (in card, postcard, even magnet form) to their friends and family members so they can be sure that everyone has marked their calendars.  This is especially considerate if you have guests that will be traveling from out-of-town, or if you're tying the knot on a holiday weekend.  These announcements should go out as early as possible, with a note that the formal invitation will follow in the months to come.  Your save-the-dates can also provide the link to your new custom wedding website!


The formal invitations should be mailed to your guests 6-8 weeks before your wedding date.  You don't want to send these out too early, because this is how you'll get your most accurate count of who's planning to attend, as the invitation packets also include your RSVP cards.  There are many great places online where you can order your wedding invitations (like MintedWedding Paper Divas, etc.), but if you want a custom look you should be sure to check out The Pink Orange (a friend of ours...local, couture stationer) and Ceci New York...two great ladies!


And when preparing to mail your formal invitations, here's an extra tip: BE SURE TO TAKE ONE TO THE POST OFFICE FIRST (to be weighed)! You want to be sure you're placing an adequate amount of postage on the envelopes so they don't all come back!  And you should also make sure you've placed the proper postage on the RSVP cards' return envelopes.  Otherwise your guests will be paying a few pennies themselves!