Wedding Websites



Since most of you reading this are getting married for the very first time (and hopefully the last, of course!), you haven't yet fully grasped what a pain it is to start hearing from every single friend and long-lost relative about the details of your big day (when is it? where is it? how do I get there? are there hotels nearby? can we bring our eight kids?).  Our best solution for this?  Creating your own wedding website!


Though many couples never get around to doing this, it really is a great option for keeping all of your information in one central location.  Want to tell the world how you met?  About the proposal?  How despite his gross, sharp toenails you knew you could never live without him (besides, God made clippers for that very reason).


These wedding/couple websites can be personalized according to your wedding style, be filled with images in your gallery, and on and on and on...  One of my favorite places to design your FREE site is through Wedding Paper Divas (and, by the way, they even design wedding invitations, save-the-dates, programs and EVERYTHING can be coordinated!).  And most places will even let you keep your site up for a year AFTER you've tied the knot so that guests and your photographer can post images and links to images from your special day!


So check it out...a personalized wedding fun is that?