Please Be Seated

Arguably one of the most difficult and agonizing parts of wedding planning is determining where to seat your guests at the reception. Hours and hours of making sure you have defused every possible social landmine has left you looking over your seating chart like the proud goose that laid the golden egg. Now the only question that remains is how to best divulge this information to your friends and family.

There is no shortage of options when it comes to seating charts. Hand-writing the names of guests on an oversized mirror or piece of lucite is a great complement to a modern themed wedding. For a more rustic feel, use twine, ribbon or even chicken wire to attach small cards with table information. Small gold frames in a larger gold frame or attached to a mossy background, will definitely add some glitz to your boho-chic design. And we love the idea of using guests pictures, in lieu of names, on your seating chart! Can you just imagine how much fun your guests would have?

We have compiled some of our favorite Pinterest looks to fuel your inspiration and our showroom is full of lovely tables and chairs to accompany your stylish seating chart. Schedule a visit to see all we have to offer. Happy planning!