Decorating with Lanterns

We have been seeing lanterns pop up everywhere lately and we admit it's a trend we love! Gone are the days of utilitarian purposes only, with so many styles and sizes, they offer an esthetically pleasing quality to any decor. Beachy, modern, industrial, rustic, romantic, and bohemian themes are all equally enhanced with the addition of lanterns.

Candle filled lanterns hung in trees, suspended in tents, and lining ceremony aisles add warmth all while ensuring your lovely venue doesn't go up in flame! They also make fantastic centerpieces and what guest doesn't look gorgeous basking in the glow of candlelight! If candles aren't the direction you are planning to go, then you'll love the lanterns overflowing with flowers and succulents. The juxtaposition of the hard lines in the metal or wood lanterns against the organic, free-flowing florals is really beautiful. In our opinion, you just can't go wrong with whatever look you choose.

We have added a few of our favorite Pinterest inspirations as well as some photos of our own. We just love seeing what a wedding planner can do!  And don't forget to schedule your showroom visit today to browse our inventory! We have everything you need to plan your special day.