We've Got Your Number

Table numbers are a necessity if you are planning to assign your guests a seat. Not only will it cut down on your guests asking you or your wedding planner where they need to go, it is also helpful for your caterer and waitstaff in those instances of dietary restrictions. Thankfully, since there are relatively few of them, they are easy to create even for the novice crafter! 

For the DIYer, the possibilities are nearly endless! Grab a few sheets of floral scrapbook paper, a stencil and some metallic paint for an elegant, garden-inspired look. Pick up some wooden numbers and spray paint them in a metallic or bright hue. Pair them with a geometric sculpture for a modern look, or mount them on a framed piece of fabric that coordinates with your table linen. 

If your design is a little more industrial, take a trip to your local hardware store to peruse their stock of house numbers. Grab a piece of lumber and have it cut down in smaller sections to act as a mount for your numbers. There are many stain options available as well to help you customize your look.

For those of you looking for something a little more personal, we love the idea of using photos of the bride and groom at ages that correspond with the table numbers. Be prepared for tears and maybe a little light-hearted teasing especially if your pictures include some of the popular, and thankfully past, fashion trends! 

Table numbers are a fun way to interject a little personality and creativity into your space. They can be everything from elegant centerpieces to whimsically painted dinosaur figurines. We compiled some of our favorite Pinterest inspirations below to help get you started. And don't forget to schedule your showroom visit to let us help you complete your look!