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Recommendations for Caterers

To put it simply, we love parties and special events, and we love great food! Since creative recipes are an important part of any event—from weddings and anniversary parties to business dinners and fund-raising galas—we’ve gotten to know all of the best event catering providers in the Berkshires.


We recommend only caterers we’ve worked with, whose food we’ve tried ourselves, and who are known to offer outstanding service, no matter the size or theme of your party or reception. If you’re in need of event catering, call us for recommendations, or stop into our showroom and pick up a business card or two . . . or three . . . or, well, you get the picture.

Photograph by: Elaina Mortali | Catering by: Heirloom Fire

Catering Equipment

Classical Tents & Party Goods carries a popular line of catering equipment for use at weddings, in fireroasted catering, tented galas, farm to table events, backyard parties and more. We often add new equipment so please call to inquire about other items we might carry.

Not shown on this page is our Electric convection oven for indoor use. The pictures below depict items close to those that we carry. There may be some variation in product based on availability when we purchase items.

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