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Looking for a classic or modern white tent rental for your wedding, gala, corporate meeting, anniversary party, or other special occasion? We’ve got a variety of different sizes and styles, all cleaned and maintained on-premises with our state-of-the-art tent washer.

Photograph by: Elaina Mortali

Preparing for Your Event

Tent rental prices listed here are for usual and customary installations. Decks, rocky terrain, and other site irregularities may incur an additional fee. Portage will be charged if the event site is not easily accessible. Please flag all gas and electric lines; Dig Safe can be reached by calling 811, and must be called 72 hours in advance of your installation. All tents must be anchored to the ground. Tent stakes are 42” long and reach far into the ground. If staking is not possible, ballasting (weights) is required for frame and structure tents.


Permits are necessary for outdoor events, and event hosts are responsible for obtaining them from the town in which the event will be held and for covering all permitting costs. Nonpublic utilities are the responsibility of the property owner and must be located by the property owner prior to tent installations.

Tent Rental Prices

Below are the suggested number of guests that will fit in each tent. This will vary based on the usage of the tent, & whether large head tables, photo booths, multiple bars, & furniture are used.

Traditional White Pole & Frame Tents

For midsized and smaller parties and weddings, traditional pole tents offer an elegant peaked tent top. Pole tents work well on grass or in fields.


Traditional frame tents are the best choice for tented events that take place on hard surfaces such as parking lots or driveways, or close to buildings. Brides who want to walk down an aisle will prefer frame tents, as there are no center poles under the tent top.

Evolution (Twin Pole)

Long the standard of excellence for tented events, Evolution pole tents offer dramatic peaked ceilings, which makes them the ideal choice for weddings, including industrial weddings, and galas. Evolution pole tents are a favorite with event planners and designers, as the twin-pole system offers extra anchor points for chandeliers, specialty lights, and tent draping.

Clear Top Tents

Do you dream of seeing the stars while sitting under your wedding tent? Clear top tents have become very popular, as they allow more light into the tent and they allow our customers to capitalize on the lovely views in the Berkshires while dining or dancing. From small to large, Classical Tents offers a wide variety of clear top tent sizes.

Tidewater Sailcloth Tents (includes sidewalls)

Inspired by the sea, with sculptured peaks and wooden center and side poles, these tents glow when lit. For beauty and elegance, this is the tent to rent. Classical Tents offers many sizes of sailcloth tents for your party, whether small or large. Rent a smaller round sailcloth tent for the cocktail hour, and a larger oval sailcloth tent for the reception or gala.

Structure Tents (includes sidewalls)

Structure tents offer maximum protection from the weather while maintaining their structural integrity and elegance. They feature tensioned sidewall and roof panels, and their 10’ side height offers unobstructed views. The gabled ends can be clear or white, and clear sections are available for tent tops (call for clear tent pricing).

Sidewalls (for traditional pole and frame tents)

Table & Bar Rental Prices

Our rectangular and round custom-built all-wood tables with turned legs are very popular with our customers. Our tavern tables, built from reclaimed barn wood planks, are a hit with our customers as well! And the standard banquet tables, sweetheart tables, and round tables are staples of our inventory.


We stock specialty bars in copper and steel, or the new wine barrel and wood slab style. Additionally, we have our always popular, custom-built rustic wooden bars.

Tent Heater Rental Prices

Keep your tent toasty and your guests comfortable all evening long! A tent heater is a must for spring and fall, and unseasonably chilly or rainy weather. We offer two styles of heaters: those that blow air for use inside of tents, and mushroom heaters for the open air, which guests can stand around to stay warm.


Lounge Furniture Rentals

We’re excited to announce our partnership with AFR Event Furnishings! Their versatile, modern collections—lounge groupings, tables, bar setups, outdoor furniture, and more—transform any space from the ordinary to the extraordinary.


In house, Classical Tents offers a limited selection of lounge furniture, including leather chairs; wooden coffee tables and end tables; and white, brown, and black 4’x4’’ ottomans.

Dance Floor & Staging Rental Prices

We carry two styles of dance floor, with a range of sizes available. Your dance floor will be professionally installed indoors, or under your tent to follow and blend in with the lay of the land. Prices may vary on uneven land.


Classical Tents has almost never seen a site we couldn’t create a floored tent for. From gorges that cut through a field to swimming pools that have to be covered, we’ve worked with it all! If your band needs a raised stage to perform on, we can provide that too. Floored events require site inspections and custom quotes well in advance of the event date.

Dance Floor
Professional Stage (Bandstand/Flooring)

Linen Rental Prices

We love linens! Visit our showroom to view our in-stock and custom-order tablecloths, real linen napkins and table runners, hemstitched napkins, 100% cotton overlays, and satin runners, in a wide array of solid colors and vibrant patterns. (Dye lots may affect linen color.) Our linens selections could fill an entire website and must be seen to be appreciated. Make an appointment to visit our showroom and choose linens for your next event!

China Rental Prices

Choose from our carefully curated collection of china, including sleek, modern styles, vintage mismatched plates and platters, and gold- or silver-rim china.


(please rinse dishes thoroughly to avoid surcharges)

Flatware & Serving Utensil Prices

Complement your china and linens with classic or contemporary silverware and serving utensils—brushed gold flatware, elegant 18/10 stainless flatware, trendy modern flatware, and more.

Serving Utensils

Glassware Rental Prices

We stock vintage cut glass, blue goblets, mason jars, O glasses, and elegant, tall stemmed Regal glassware. We also have the standard rocks, highball, wine, Champagne flutes, martini glasses, coupe Champagne. From coffee mugs to blush, gold, and blue glassware, Classical Tents offers a wide and ever-expanding selection of glassware.

Tray, Bowl, Platter & Charger Rental Prices

Serve up style with our china bowls, platters, and trays—made for sharing and for displaying your menu items. Choose from timeless and elegant porcelain and cut glass, or lustrous smooth and beaded glass styles. We stock a variety of bowl and tray sizes for your family-style wedding or event.

Bowls, Platters & Chargers

Lighting Prices

We offer basic event lighting, and an extended line of specialty lighting through two professional lighting companies. Using companies that specialize in lighting work opens a world of choices, from the modern and dramatic, to elegant crystal chandeliers or bistro lights with Edison bulbs. Call us for referrals.

Candleholder Rental Prices

Create a warm, welcoming ambience with our selection of votives, candelabra, and lanterns. Please use a dripless candle or clean wax drips out of the holders before returning.

Chaffer Rental Prices

Coffeemaker & Pitchers Rental Prices

Coffee percolators make coffee that everyone craves. Our urns are an elegant way to display and serve the hot coffee.


Cooler Rental Prices

For the casual event or for use behind the bar, Lexan tubs are an excellent choice for chilling bottles. Stylish bar-top choices include waterproof copper tubs with plastic inserts and hammered stainless-steel tubs.

Catering Equipment Rental Prices

Because caterers often need convection ovens to work their kitchen magic, we carry tabletop and electric ovens in small and large sizes. If your caterer needs a stovetop to cook on, inquire about our six-burner ovens. And if it’s a large pot of water that you need to boil, consider renting our burners on legs. We also have proofers and rolling racks, both of which are ideal of holding sheet pans of food.



Site inspections are required to accurately quote flooring. Our ever expanding line of flooring options can help you level out difficult spots on your property. Guests will feel the difference as they spend the night in your floored tent! Our experienced floor installers have covered it all, from small tents on level sites, to multiple tents on very challenging sites.


the base

Two Choices: One follows the lay of the land, the other is perfectly level and is best for challenging sites.


Laydown Flooring: A wooden base that follows the lay of the land. Cover with astro turf, carpet, or barn board sections.

Stage Sections: We have floored the side of mountains using our stage sections. Your floor will be perfectly even using this base.


the covering

To make the base a finished product.


Astro Turf: Green & Black are standard. Tan and other colors cost a bit more.

Barn Board Sections: Use on top of the laydown flooring or staging sections to make a rustic look. Carpet: Many colors available, schedule a showroom visit to see samples.

Additional Goods & Service

Please call to get pricing or to check on availability for any of the following services:


• Free Site Inspections.
• Free computerized floor plans of your tent or indoor venue.
• Onsite labor – to work the event.
• Recommendation of experienced vendors – choose your photographer, caterer,
venue and more with our help. We carry an extensive line of business cards from a wide variety of vendors in our showroom.
• Showroom visits are by appointment. Please limit your group to no more than six. One week advance notice or more is best.
• Samples of fabric mailed.
• 24 hour on call service on weekends – call our main number and listen to our outgoing message to hear the on-call number for a particular weekend. We list this number starting at 4:00 pm on Friday’s.

Rental terms

Reservations should be made well in advance to assure availability. We suggest the tent site be inspected and measured before a contract is written. 30% of the contract amount will be required as a reservation deposit to hold the rental items. The remaining contract amount will be due on or before the date of delivery and set-up. Contract amount is subject to sales tax unless the customer provides a tax-exempt form.


Cancellations may result in a charge of 30-100% of the rental fee; cancellations the week of the event will result in a 50-100% charge. Linen and sub- rented items will be charged in full.


The official rental period is 24 hours long. Please inform us 3 weeks or more in advance if you would like to use items you have rented for a longer time (based on availability). Installations may take more than one day.


Customer responsibilities include checking the count and condition of the items rented and ensuring their safe return. Items are to be kept secure and protected from the weather from the time of drop off until the time of pickup. Missing or damaged items will be charged to the billing customer.


Winter tent prices are in effect November 1st – March 31st.



Delivery fees will apply.They may vary as gasoline prices fluctuate.


Customers may avoid delivery fees by picking up from and returning items to our warehouse located at 43 Downing Industrial Park, Pittsfield, MA.


All delivery fees include ground level or first floor delivery. An additional fee will be charged for second floor (or more) deliveries.


Portage to sites we cannot drive our trucks right up to will be charged.


Multiple pick up sites will incur additional fees.


Prices subject to change without notice.


Late payment subject to a 1.5% finance charge monthly.